It’s hinted in her own reputation term you to definitely she actually is one to of Helena’s servants

It’s hinted in her own reputation term you to definitely she actually is one to of Helena’s servants

Helena Douglas [ ]

Marie Flower is apparently polite to help you Helena, talking about the girl since “my women” inside their tag class alliance whenever Marie Flower phone calls her. From inside the Dead otherwise Live 5 History Round, the friendly relationships is created a bit obvious, since they are one another seen offering a curtsy on their competitors within tag inclusion, and you may through to effective, continues to beam right up from the Helena where Helena have a tendency to mention you to it is nearly going back to coffee. She likewise has a huge amount out-of respect to have Helena, and that she tends to make obvious to Misaki. Into the Fighters All-stars, she shows that she wants Helena and you may she currently misses this lady and you may shows certain concern that Helena may get very alarmed owed so you’re able to the girl being gone for too much time. In addition, she is actually dutiful enough to Helena if fulfilling Hayate, she first tried to bar entryway up until Helena explicitly informed her one to she acceptance him in the. She plus either mentions the girl whenever this woman is viewed reaching some one on spring for example Ayane, Kasumi, and Hayabusa or something in the springtime including the robotic massage chair, dishes, or any other things. No matter if most devoted to help you Helena, she really does nevertheless score resentful about precisely how she food the girl since if the she were a young child on account of their figure, in fact it is inferred out-of the girl biography and you can basic episode inside Xtreme Venus Vacation.

Honoka [ ]

The two are nearest and dearest and you may express an entire Mark Battle connection. Inside the 6th Event, Marie Rose is actually tasked because of the Helena to look at more Honoka, generally considering the latter’s energies and come up with her an objective by the MIST to displace Raidou. While in the the woman trip with Honoka, Marie Rose has not yet kept the girl front and one another have made a strong bond. Marie Flower cares really deeply getting Honoka, because the she does all things in the woman capability to help save their when Honoka is actually seized because of the MIST, and you can concerns profoundly to possess Honoka’s defense. Their respect in order to Honoka are in a manner that she would not log off in place of preserving Honoka very first, having not Bayman knocking her out and you may holding her more than their neck dissuading the lady up until the guy bested their from inside the treat.

Amazingly, on the Japanese items, Honoka ‘s the just character who Marie Flower will not decide to try to talk returning to when named a young child.

Nyotengu [ ]

It isn’t clear exactly what their and you may Nyotengu’s opinions are on for every single other, nevertheless they do display a label put. Maybe on account of the girl experience towards viewing headache video clips, real-world and film doesn’t issues so you can this lady anyhow, suggested that she did believes very pure does exist inside the real lifetime too. Inside Xtreme Venus Trips, Marie Flower and you can Nyotengu had some extent from associate, just like the several next to Honoka attempted to organize how-to celebrate the next-next earliest wedding of its arrival within Venus Islands. Yet not, just like all most other people, she really does rating get across whenever Nyotengu can make comments you to created you to definitely she viewed Marie Flower as actually children.

Misaki [ ]

She mostly got along really with Misaki, also dealing with her formally as the “Girls Misaki” throughout their first into the-screen fulfilling. Yet not, she was made to end contacting Misaki that from the Helena due on the becoming on holiday therefore frustrating Misaki. If you are mainly bringing together really that have Misaki, she together with tended to rating aggravated by their speaking-to the lady such that indicated she viewed Marie Rose due to the fact a good guy, a couple of times advising Misaki not to ever reduce the lady therefore, and eventually requesting the owner to spend your food via Misaki’s income inside the Venus Festival in what was greatly intended so you can feel payback. She in addition to apparently hung out that have Misaki and you can Honoka via swimming and you may shopping, primarily because the Helena forbade the lady from doing any ¿Qué significa bhm en citas? slave obligations while the on holiday. During this time, the two referred to as her a beneficial “Tsukkomi” (an effective Japanese trope roughly equivalent to the fresh upright man in the funny duos), far to help you her dilemma.