Connecting to Xero data from Desktop application?

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The Power BI service offers a scalable solution, for existing PowerBI users the Xero connection is extremely cost effective. New users can adopt the level of service and access that they require. Business Intelligence is an important part of the modern data-driven organisation. Xero4PowerBI presents a unique opportunity to gain key insights from your accounting data in a cost-effective manner while retaining control over access.

I suspect from the volume of transactions you are looking for a solution which is out of the box and will just work without a whole bunch of dedicated IT time. Linking to other systems will require multiple tables – at least one for each system and then for good practice a date table at the very least. @jllau84I am not a particularly high user of zero – i try to keep out power bi xero of the way of accountants – so you will need to excuse my ignorance with some of my responses. I am new and now evaluating the xero and powerBI as my selection for my new Accounting and Reporting System. It works with both the desktop and cloud versions of Power BI. PowerShell Cmdlets Windows PowerShell Cmdlets offering straightforward command-line access live data.

Why you should integrate Xero with Power BI

That said, Power BI will save you from generating individual reports to view the health of each client’s business. Add to that the ability to switch between Xero organisations and you have a powerful new tool for managing a range of customers. Power BI free will refresh data from Xero each night, so by default you are looking at yesterday’s figures. Remember to take into account any other integrations that feed into your Xero company files and when they might update Xero. Last week Xero added its first enterprise-grade app, the business intelligence tool Microsoft Power BI.

  • Tables I normally create are budgets, forecast, calendar table.
  • You can create multiple dashboards, and view them on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Business logic, reports, planning forms, and more, configured right out of the box.
  • To this end I need to create a custom connector as PBI doesn’t have a certified connector for Xero.
  • Easily connect Microsoft Power BI with live Xero Accounting data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.
  • You can perform data splitting, use complex expressions and formulas, lookups, etc.

Using a third-party connector may remove those limitations but at a cost. Eliminate discrepancies and rework of static spreadsheets with a single source of truth. You can repeat this process for every Xero organisation your Xero login has access to. It’s important to note that the connector will only have access to the information in Xero that this Xero login can access. That’s useful if you wish to set up dashboards relating to sales for a staff member with the Xero Sales Only role.

Sales & Operations Planning

Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. This map uses the data from your Xero contact’s street and postal info to give you an idea of how your customers are distributed. Our demo data only contained two address records, though map data updates when other elements are selected also.

  • Customers by Industry See Acterys’ customers in different industries spread across multiple regions.
  • Make sure your user account has the rights to access the accounting side of the API.
  • The setup will walk you through adding your Xero credentials and selecting your organisation.
  • You can also export, annotate and share individual chart elements if you don’t want to give someone access to your entire dashboard or dataset.
  • No more warehousing, no more refresh latency and no more canned reporting.
  • ELT process supposes simple copying cloud data to a data warehouse or a database as-is, leaving all the transformation tasks for the database server.

We welcome Precog to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further simplifying analytics for our customers. This is probably the coolest thing about Power BI – the ability to ask questions of your data. You don’t need to be a data scientist to put together these dashboards, just open up Power BI and tell it what you want. The Q&A feature builds charts, graphs and returns numbers instantly.